89 edition expands the offer of foodies moments; from Oldani a new truffle cutter
The two opposites that attract chosen by the Fair as the theme for the 89th edition are king truffle and the humble and ubiquitous egg: around their "perfect balance" will rotate the eight weeks - October 5 to November 24 - of the international exhibition presented last Friday in Grinzane. The return to the castle that was the headquarters of Cavour Mayor coincided with the five years of UNESCO recognition for the wine landscapes of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, of which Grinzane is the core - the so-called core zone.
Truffle fair, perfect balance 1
Davide Oldani
Among the moments designed to meet lovers of taste will stand out the Atelier of fresh pasta - agnolotti pizzicati and tajarin - with Walter Ferretto and Ugo Alciati. Davide Oldani, for his part, will present a new truffle slicer designed by him on 13 October. The two Ultimate truffle dinners, designed to give a taste of the "best of world gastronomy", will have the purpose of financing with their proceeds the natural environment of the trifola; the new unusual dinners, consumed in the Town Hall, in the Social Theatre, at the Beppe Fenoglio study center and in the Banca d'Alba building, have the purpose of bringing gourmets to visit a segment of Alba's cultural heritage. For children the Alba truffle bimbi is confirmed, while in Piazza Duomo, from the end of October, will return the preparation of the Salotto dei gusti e dei profumi.
In terms of collaboration with UNESCO's creative cities, Fabriano - the world capital of paper - will supply watermarked (and numbered) bags for truffles sold at the World Market in the courtyard of La Maddalena; a historic company in Limoges will present Pepita, a ceramic object designed to contain truffles.
The cultural part of the Fair will have three main moments: the first will see already at the end of September, on the initiative of the foundation Crc, Pinot Gallizio and the first World Congress of Free Artists at the center of a series of meetings, workshops and artistic performances by the Museum of Contemporary Art of the Castle of Rivoli, with the simultaneous exhibition of the famous painting by Gallizio and his son Giorgio with Asger Jorn, Constant Nieuwenhuys, Piero Simondo and Jan Kotik.
Truffle fair, perfect balance
On 11 and 12 October, the Lattes Grinzane prize will follow, with a lecture by Haruki Murakami at the theatre and the awarding of the literary competition. For music, the Alba music festival will resume the formula of Classica, from October 6, while Milleunanota will propose a new edition of Jazz & co.
Alberto Cirio, from the crackling speech as always, closed the presentation returning to the successes of tourism Albanian the last twenty years, with a growth that is uninterrupted since 2011.

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