Hazelnuts from Langhe Area: who is allowed to use Langhe

Who can use the word Langhe on the label?
HAZELNUTS In the recent Corililia corilicole fairs, Castagnole delle Lanze and Roddi, the wording "delle Langhe" has returned, which, following the modification of an article of the specification, may be used to label the Piedmont Igp hazelnuts (in shell, shelled) or in the form of semi-finished products) produced in a specific geographical area. The time for the ministerial go-ahead should be quite rapid and already from the next collection campaign it will be possible to add the term "delle Langhe" on the label.
But what is the geographical area that will allow producers to use the words, useful, according to the promoters of the change, to further characterize the product giving it greater added value? The proposal to amend the specification sent by the Consortium for the protection of the Region indicates a specific area. For the real Langhe, the identification was quite simple. With the Tanaro to mark the natural boundary of the area historically, all the countries on the right bank of the river are included. In addition to those of the lower and upper Langa, the list also includes some centers of Cebano and Fondovalle, such as Castellino Tanaro, Cigliè, Igliano, Marsaglia, Montezemolo, Roascio, Paroldo, Rocca Cigliè, Sale Langhe, Sale San Giovanni, Torresina, Bastia Mondovì, Clavesana, Lequio Tanaro, Farigliano, Narzole, Cherasco and Niella Tanaro.
For some of these countries, and also for Novello, Barbaresco, Monchiero, Neive and Alba, whose municipal territory is located on both banks of the Tanaro, the area includes only the land located on the right bank. In other words: an albese farmer who has hazel groves in San Cassiano can use the words Langhe on labels; he does not have them in Mussotto or Piana Biglini. The list also includes Ceva, Castelnuovo di Ceva and Priero, but only for the areas on the orographic right of the Cevetta stream, up to the confluence with the Tanaro.
Also some centers of the Asti will be able to use the words "of the Langhe" for their hazelnuts. The list sent to the Region includes: Bubbio, Cassinasco, Castagnole delle Lanze, Castel Rocchero, Cessole, Coazzolo, Loazzolo, Mombaldone, Monastero Bormida, Montabone, Olmo Gentile, Roccaverano, Rocchetta Palafea, San Giorgio Scarampi, Serole, Sessame and Vesime, while for Canelli and Calamandrana only the land to the right of the Belbo is included.
The definition of the Asti countries to be included in the list of those that can use the word Langhe for their nuts has been more controversial than those of Cuneo, with some grievance and request for changes. It is therefore not to exclude some small adjustments in the coming days

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