8-day Discovery Trip "Flavours of Piemonte"

Piedmont is so much more then just Alba, Barolo and Barbaresco.

These hugely popular destinations can be part of your trip. However, if you want to get a complete picture of Piedmont, there is more to it than just Alba, Barolo and Barbaresco.
Let's assume that you will be present in your own car or that you will land at the most convenient airport in terms of time, namely Milano Malpensa. From here, you can spend 7 nights in top class accommodations, each for a very specific reason, making the total experience simply extraordinary.
If you are a "food & wine lover", we will give you top destinations to discover, absolutely far away from the touristic tour operator's attractions. Piedmont Travel wants to offer you quality time with locations and, above all, experiences that stay with you, that resonate long after your trip. 
Let us tell you what your itinerary could be

Day 1: Alto Piemonte Welcome

All flights from Belgium land between 8h00 and 8h30 in Malpensa, morning flights though. Great, you can enjoy your day for a long time to come.
Discovering Alto Piemonte is a must because these wines Ghemme, Gattinara, Nebbiolo delle Colline Novarese, Vespolina, Greco Novarese are becoming increasingly popular. Global warming is at the heart of why the Nebbiolo from this region - with greater differences between day and night temperature - and thus the guarantee of quality grapes has become so popular.
Your first wine domain is the unique and modern look wine house, Enrico Crola, where you will mainly discover Vespolina, Nebbiolo and Spumante. You will also go on a trekking in the vineyards and learn all about the "why" of the look of this winery.  
Lunch is in the most authentic restaurant specialized in risotto's. But everything is just special. The view, the setting of what is on the table, the owner who serves the customers in the hall and on the beautiful terrace. 
In the afternoon you will taste at a perhaps a little less well-known winery in Gattinara but with the same quality as the great name Nervi and you will also discover the top of Gattinara as a wine hill, together with Stefano your wine expert Gattinara.
Refill the culture tank in a Novara or Biella, depending on how much shopping content is up in the air.
In the evening or late afternoon you will check in at one of the top locations agriturismo, a castle domain where you also visit the wine domain. Alessandro is the owner and will show you the wines from this region, which will certainly be more in the spotlight worldwide in the autumn compared to last year. If Nebbiolo is your favourite wine, you will be present in "the place to be", especially because the lady of the castle will introduce you to the regional caps.

Day 2: Fragrances and Colours at wine domains and food locations that make the difference

After a delicious breakfast in Agriturismo Style, you go out and immediately enter into a dialogue with Francesco Brigatti, Paride Chiovini or another wine producer who can welcome you in a unique setting and this according to availability. All have a speciality that makes them exceptional in what they have to offer on the international market and are small, authentic winegrowers.

Lunch is served at a restaurant that doesn't look very good from the outside. The splendour as we are used to in our part of the world is for the most part absent here, but once you've crossed that threshold, you'll meet a chef who excels in how she manages to tune in tastes during a six-course menu. Just small plates but here you discover Monferrato because after the previous tasting you are in this region.

Where you go tasting in the afternoon, will leave impressions. Many impressions. A winery that has its own church, an infernot deep under ground, an environment with a view over the vineyards, tasting the recent vintages directly from the barrel and then compare it with the real tasting at the tables in the cantina showroom.  This winery is definitely unique to Monferrato. No comparison possible with even the biggest names mentioned by wine journalists.  We rightly do not mention any names here because this is a pearl that we want to keep optimally available for our customers.  Experience memorable moments here!

You spend the night in a Monastero in Monferrato style. You can dine on the spot and the chef has special surprises with the accompanying wine.  

Day 3 -  Gavi & Co

Your next experience will bring you to the region of Gavi, white wines from Piedmont. You will get to know the local wines through an appointment with an enologist who will give you in 2 hours a very temporary insight into what Gavi di Gavi or the wines from the vicinity of Gavi stand for. 
Dinner is served in a location that excels in local cuisine. Lunch can be provided by yourself: a bottle of wine, salame and cheese and you have the perfect setting just for you.
Your location for tonight is a unique B&B, authentic and above all a lady of the house that offers its guests a unique experience. La mama of the chef where you dine... She makes sure that you get to the restaurant without your own car and also the come back natural.

Day 4 – 5 – 6

Check out our suggestion Wine tour with your own car.

Day 7:  Alta Valla Stura

After the previous days that were 100% focused on local food & wine, this day is focused on detoxing with some sporting experiences.  You can hike, trekking or even mountain biking for a few hours in an environment that excels in the superlatives of nature. You exchange your high level gastronomic experience for a delicious meal in a rifugio. You can go rafting, explore the area with the kayak, on horseback with a guide or you can just relax, read a book and be inspired by the heavenly of this environment.
You will spend the night in a B&B that the owner founded as a tribute to his father who died far too early and the entire location exudes the passion of his father to the John Lennon unique frameworks. 
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Your Piedmont Expert

Karina Imschoot

Why is she your best choice for Top Quality Time Holidays?

She visited Piedmont in 2006, fell in love with the region, spent holidays 4 times a year in Piedmont and finally has settled her home in Piedmont in  2012.

She lived in both places:  first Cherasco, then Barbaresco but returned to Cherasco.

With her knowledge,  with the fact that she came in as a tourist as well and lived all experiences as a tourist,  she is a perfect match for your quality time in Piedmont