Tourism top days in Piedmont

The tables of "Regio Piemonte Turismo" are the hard evidence: the Langhe Roero region experienced a high increase in the number of visitors. You too can enjoy the best of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Threesome with Truffle, slow food and premium wines

Last year it was Jan and Linda who wanted to experience it all in Piedmont, where the quality of the white truffle surpasses everything. But they wanted at all costs to avoid the risk of buying or tasting a white truffle that did not come from the Albese ground and therefore was not worth the quality which was expected from it.

Jan and Linda wanted a 3-day immersion with enormous "wow" experiences, the highest level of authentic experience. And they got completely what they wanted. They went out with the truffle hunter; they witnessed the interaction between the dog and the hunter; they learnt all about where you can find the truffles, why they are better in Alba, who can go hunting. They could also try it all out themselves with the truffle hunter's instructions of course. In short, you get an entirely different experience than just some smelling of the truffle at a truffle fair.

At the table with the truffle hunter!

After your return from the forest, you can enjoy a white truffle at the truffle hunter's or if the weather conditions allow it "en plein nature". Tasting truffles straight from the source, slices of carne crudo, tajarin and other local dishes with a fine, elegant wine. It is an unforgettable experience…

You can expect a warm welcome from the winegrowers and the mothers at the slow food workshops. You can enjoy a whole weekend of tasting slow food and fine wines. You can also visit exclusive wine producers who excel in the way they welcome you. They will tell you their family history and let you taste the wine so all your senses will run at full speed. Next to wine producers there are also small slow food workshops run by families where La Mama plays the leading role.

You will visit workshops where cheese, vegetables, hazelnuts, salami, bread etc. are processed into mouth-watering delicacies which you can of course taste on the spot. You will participate in a cooking workshop of a typical family where you will prepare and enjoy traditional food. It will definitely be a special experience…

Always "zero km", from slow food to premium gastronomy

Jan and Linda also had the chance to immediately dive into "the other world": top gastronomy à la carte with a completely different interpretation of "zero km" products turned into creative and tasty dishes. But they could also continue the programme with a stay at the locals (agriturismo or B&B) and in the evening enjoy dinner with a hospitable family.

Taste Piedmont and ask for our truffle programme with the truffle hunter himself!


Your Piedmont Expert

Karina Imschoot

Why is she your best choice for Top Quality Time Holidays?

She visited Piedmont in 2006, fell in love with the region, spent holidays 4 times a year in Piedmont and finally has settled her home in Piedmont in  2012.

She lived in both places:  first Cherasco, then Barbaresco but returned to Cherasco.

With her knowledge,  with the fact that she came in as a tourist as well and lived all experiences as a tourist,  she is a perfect match for your quality time in Piedmont