7-day wine trip “I Vini del Piemonte”

Although the Barolo & Barbaresco region is certainly the most talked about in the press, it is true that Piedmont is not limited to these two regions with their more expensive and prestigious wines.
For lovers of unique local grape varieties - available in only a very limited number of bottles - these "new to be exploited" regions are a great discovery...    
How can we make your wine trip an unforgettable experience?

The Magic is in the Presentation & Performance 

Yes, the dynamism and input of the winegrower makes all the difference! 
This is definitely not only because of the knowledge of the wines but also because of which winegrowers are an absolute plus for your experience.
What makes them completely different from those who might have the Wine Advocate, Wine Enthusiast, Decanter award?
Where can the winegrower make the difference by the way he sets up a wine tasting?
Here, wine tasting is not organised as a typical event of a larger, international player.  The extra strength, for example, lies precisely in the personal, the unique, where some producers even allow you to taste the new vintages directly from the wine barrels and then, together with the winegrower, the older, bottled vintages at the table.
Before your tour operator, with all her heart and soul, took care and gave advice on the sale of a number of specific wine domains , she was active for 20 years in the organisation of events & corporate incentives. For six years, she also lived in Barbaresco and Cherasco. That "know how", personal contact with everyone and not through third persons, a thorough sommelier training and increasingly extensive knowledge through her other company, import of wines from Piedmont, provides an ideal mix.
Are we going to mention the names of the wine domains that will be discussed during your wine trip on a webpage?
Not at all, because we have made a heavy investment in knowledge building in six years time - knowledge that we continuously update - and therefore only want to share with those who work with us. The one who is not looking for an average wine tasting but a "personal, warm contact". The wine lover who stays far from the standard tasting, but is looking for a memorable event, has come to the right place.
Herewith a short description of 7 days of top experiences in Piedmont, also possible to shorten to 5 days with 2 days spend on outward and return journey.

Day 1:Welcome Piemonte

Car trip: After a long trip of about 11 hours you will arrive in what we call the entrance to the Piedmont area. Alto Piemonte is closest to the Swiss border.
By plane: For those who come via the air, Milano Malpensa is the operating base. Check in at the hotel, b&b or the agriturismo (2 nights) enjoy a delicious dinner and explore the area.

Day 2: Alto Piemonte, “terroir’” with super interest for the flexibile Nebbiolo enthousiast

Since Nervi was taken over by Conterno, there has been an enormous interest in this region. Climatic conditions but also other issues, in which the Nebbiolo grape scores considerably better in recent years, are at the basis. Your day program consists of visiting two very diverse wine domains, morning and afternoon, a light lunch at the winegrower, exploring local slow food and dining in a specific location.

Day 3: Monferrato, Barbera-Grignolino-Ruchè

Especially these three variants are on the program, but also explore Monferrato left to right, tasting directly from the barrel with the unique winegrower who has his own church and infernot and other trump cards. Lunch, typical of the region, and dinner in a restaurant that deserves a Michelin star.
Staying in a location "with a view", a top swimming pool and a restaurant with a separate setting.

Day 4: Barbaresco Wine Tour

On the basis of a road book you will explore the region 59 km around the village of Barbaresco. Of course you will taste at an authentic winegrower, at First Filet with his traditional salame, at la mama and the sisters of a delicatessen that provides all local restaurants with their delicious stuffed pasta dishes. You have lunch - short but powerful - like the real Italians and your gastronomic dinner is provided with adapted wines.

Day 5: Roero Wine Tour

Your day programme includes a tasting with a top chocolatier in a setting that has remained unchanged since 1880, a cheese tasting with three typical caricatures, tasting with the small and artisan winegrower with grand ambitions. In the evening, just like day 4, you only need 5 minutes to walk to your dinner location. A different experience, completely different decor, different interpretation, gastronomic dinner with matching wines.

Day 6: Barolo Wine Tour

Last but not least.... You go to two winegrowers' tastings that are miles apart by their interpretation of what a wine domain is, but that's exactly why they make the difference with the competition. The local baker is ready to teach you how to make grissini, those breadsticks you will always find in wine tastings. And the truffle hunter lets you taste how truffles are processed into local specialties.

Extra day: do you another day left?

Well done, we can add an extra day between day 3 and day 4 to explore "L'Astigiano", and taste "La finanziera", a dish with power.

Are you also interested in our active “to do” program? Would you also like to dine at our unique locations and stay in infrastructures with "added value"? Fill in our contact form now and discover how your holiday will be "the time of your life". 





Your Piedmont Expert

Karina Imschoot

Why is she your best choice for Top Quality Time Holidays?

She visited Piedmont in 2006, fell in love with the region, spent holidays 4 times a year in Piedmont and finally has settled her home in Piedmont in  2012.

She lived in both places:  first Cherasco, then Barbaresco but returned to Cherasco.

With her knowledge,  with the fact that she came in as a tourist as well and lived all experiences as a tourist,  she is a perfect match for your quality time in Piedmont